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“Jim's innovative approach to organizational performance has helped me to bring incredible levels of positive change to my agency.”

Steven Cook, Executive Director, The Arc Mercer, Inc.

Welcome To
James M. Davy Associates

JimJames Davy Associates LLC is a consulting group that provides government, business, and non-profit organizations with strategic planning, team building, training and development, organizational performance improvement and reorganization, change management, and executive coaching as well as helping you to find your noble path in your life and work.

At James M. Davy Associates, we understand your needs first-hand. As former local government town manager and commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, I faced the day-to-day challenges of directing and guiding organizations to deliver services effectively to clients, customers, and taxpayers. James M. Davy Associates knows how important it is for executives like you to get sustainable, practical results and solutions—as needed, when needed, and without a strain on your precious time.

Are you a CEO, President or Executive Director of a Corporation, Not-for-Profit or Government needing:

Increased productivity
Implementation of organizational efficiencies
Improved services
Increased positive communication
Increased employee commitment
The elimination of organizational silos
To give clients, customers and taxpayers more value than anticipated
The transformation of your organization into a vibrant dynamic organization
Streamlined work processes
To achieve planned outcomes and goals
Increased the team performance
Improved communication skills for all members of your organization at all levels

Here’s How We Can Help:
We specialize in large-group, whole-system strategic organizational planning processes and community outreach and engagement.

We are known for our ability to:

Synthesize complex and disjointed information very quickly for coherent strategizing and planning
Solve issues in the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive way possible
Reframe your business problems and
issues into positive possibilities for change
Solve difficult problems with straightforward solutions
Provide fast and comprehensive and
straight forward solutions
Produce results — results that can be measured!

We specialize in helping you turn your business issues into opportunities for success and growth. We help you produce what it is you really want for your organization.