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Noble Paths

What is Noble Paths?
Noble Paths is a book about people who serve others – it presents sixteen stories of twenty-six extraordinary people who serve vulnerable people. Those featured are regular men and women who have chosen work that positively and affirmatively impacts the lives of people each and every day. They are not just helping people who most need help - they are changing the quality of their lives and, in some cases, saving them. Indeed, they serve as beacons for how we might live our own lives in service to others. The underlying premise of Noble Paths of People Who Serve is that we all yearn to live lives of meaning and purpose and that the only way to do that is to serve the needs of others. When we serve others we fulfill our Noble Purpose in life.

I wrote this book so that we can learn from these incredible individuals how we can find meaning and purpose in our own lives and take the necessary steps to achieve it.  I am hopeful that you will see more clearly the twists and turns of your own Noble Path which is leading you to find and discover your noble purpose.

In the book you will hear how twenty-six people who serve talk about:  

  • Why they chose to act selflessly and without regard to their own well being to serve others in very positive, meaningful and sometimes, life changing ways. 
  • The circumstances of their lives that led them to serve others.
  • The influential person or persons in their lives who instilled in them the need to serve.
  • Where their inspiration came from. 
  • How they feel about what they do.
  • How their lives been changed or influenced by those they serve.

How will reading Noble Paths help you?

  • Noble Paths will inspire you.
  • It will help you learn how to leverage this inspiration for positive change in your own life.
  • It will teach you how to see things through the lens of appreciative inquiry—a positive, strength based and affirmative approach to personal change.
  • You will learn a process called ‘Appreciative Life Reflection’ which will enable you to examine the events and experiences of your life so as to discover your unique Noble Path!
  • You will learn how to use positive questions and the process of Reflecting Back-Exploring Inward-Looking Forward to imagine and plan the steps to living a life worth living by making a difference in the world.

We offer:

  • Personal Noble Paths coaching to help you discover your positive core of strengths and values discerned from the events and experiences of your life and how the lessons learned from these experiences can be leveraged for a future of serving others. Contact us to discuss face to face, telephonic, or internet based coaching arrangements.
  • ‘Appreciative Life Reflection’ Noble Paths retreats in which small or large groups of people join together to share personal experiences and imagine how you can, as a group, serve the needs of others.
  • Noble Paths keynote, seminar or workshop services in which we will address your conference audience, and/or conduct a Noble Paths seminar or workshop. Some topics are:

  • Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives
  • Serving The Needs of Others
  • Inviolate Passionate Commitment
  • Something Deep Within
  • It’s My Calling
  • Reframing Your Life Experiences for Positive Action
  • Being Inspired by Heroes
  • Discover your Noble Purpose Through ‘Appreciative Life Reflection’

If you would like more information about these services or want to discuss your personal situation please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.