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“The promptness of Jim’s service is top flight. Within 48 hours of our planning retreat he delivered the draft strategic plan.”

Toni Pergolin, President of Bancroft NeuroHealth

Our Services

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We assist our clients in designing, planning and conducting strategic planning processes following the principles and practices of appreciative inquiry. As an element of the strategic planning process, we facilitate “whole system” internal and external organizational scanning and assessments.

Working in collaboration with our clients we custom design and facilitate one to four day appreciative planning summits or workshops involving small or large groups in collective positive dialogue to strategically plan the future success of the organization. We use this process of appreciative strategic planning to align organizational mission and vision with specific growth priorities and detailed implementation action steps.  

We have used this process also to develop 1, 5 and 10 year organizational and business strategic plans complete with mission, vision, shared core values, key strategic priorities, goals, implementation action steps and measures of accountability; conduct community engagement and visioning, and develop plans for key business issues such as effective and productive capital fundraising campaigns, special business projects and initiatives, initiation of new services or products, and quality improvement.

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Our unique and innovative approach to strategic planning has the added benefit of promoting positive and effective teambuilding. Our appreciative strength based methods break down organizational barriers and silos through constructive appreciative dialogue.

We assist our clients to improve teamwork and communication within the organization at all levels; between the board of directors and top executive management team; and among the executive team itself. We also assist cross functional teams in communicating and working more effectively together to produce desired executive results.

We conduct appreciative team assessments to diagnose the team’s core strengths and assets as a prelude to planning positive team development and improved performance.

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We assist clients to custom design performance management systems that fit the unique needs and culture of the organization. As in all our work, we use appreciative inquiry as a method of working with the organization to design performance management systems that comprise: specific and measurable goals and action steps; clearly defined roles, responsibilities and job duties; ‘high performance team success factors’ that define those values that are important to the team and individual and team professional development plans to improve individual and team skills and competencies. Each performance management package is custom designed working in collaborative “whole system” consultation with the client.

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We custom design and deliver training and development services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We have helped organizations with:

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Using our innovative appreciative inquiry approach to strategic planning, we assist clients in designing and implementing plans for the reorganization of service/product delivery systems. We work with clients to plan reorganizations or revamped services which include maximum team and stakeholder involvement to provide more comprehensive and sustainable executive solutions to business issues.

We provide expertise in streamlining and revamping whole segments of business operations, service delivery systems and in designing new services and administrative support infrastructure.

In the area of local, county and state government, we assist clients in consolidating and sharing governmental services to streamline service delivery systems and to save taxpayer dollars. We assist governmental entities by conducting organizational and services effectiveness studies and evaluations.

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Through the positive strength practice of appreciative inquiry we assist executives and boards in designing and implementing solutions to points of organizational dysfunction such as ‘silo’ thinking and practices that frustrates productive results.  We help clients identify, design and implement the key organizational ingredients for positive change and future success in such areas as:

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We provide positive and strength based executive and team coaching to improve the way people communicate and plan to maximize performance improvement. Our appreciative inquiry approach to coaching intentionally focuses people on those times when they performed at their very best or witnessed peak performance, understanding the conditions and factors that were essential to that productive experience and plan ways and means to leverage those positive conditions for future personal and organizational success and performance improvement. Our coaching expertise assists clients to find and develop positive and sustainable executive solutions for organizational and business growth and development.

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