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“Jim's innovative approach to organizational performance has helped me to bring incredible levels of positive change to my agency.”

Steven Cook, Executive Director, Mercer Arc, Inc.

What’s New

Noble Paths: Stories of People Who Serve... Discover Your Noble Purpose Through "Appreciative Life Reflection" is published, and available for purchase by clicking the link on the left side of this page.

What's New About James Davy's Book:

James Davy appeared on WPVI-TV's Perspective New Jersey with Nora Muchanic on April 11th to talk about his book. His book was also featured in a newspaper story appearing in the Packet of Central Jersey.

Additionally, Davy's book was reviewed in the magazine of the American Public Human Services Association, Policy and Practice, April 2009 edition. Click here to read the Policy and Practice book review.

In July 2009, Bonnie Simon of KATQ radio and Paul Clayton of KFUO radio of St. Louis interviewed Davy about his book and ways people might discover their Noble Purpose in life.

Here is the KFUO radio interview:

What's New About James Davy Teaching Strategic Planning in the Rutgers MPA Program:

From January to May 2009, James Davy taught a 15-week Masters class for Rutgers University's School of Public Affairs and Administration entitled "Strategic Planning." The course focuses on the mechanics of strategic planning from stakeholder mapping to environmental scanning techniques to issues identification to tracking and monitoring systems. Davy exposed the students to the principles and practices of Appreciative Strategic Planning and its emphasis on the SOAR framework (strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results/resources.) Davy's class has also featured outside speakers sharing case examples of strategic planning. These speakers included:

  • Loretta Donovan of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting
  • Ciro Scalera of Verizon NJ
  • Kevin Quinn, Corporate Planner for PSE&G
  • Robert Davison, Executive Director of the Essex County Mental Health Association
  • Richard Mingoia, Executive Director of Youth Consultation Services
  • Alan Weinberg of NJ Transit (Project Manager of the New Tunnel Project)
  • William DeCota, Director of Aviation, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Linda Bentz, Policy and Planning, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Eileen Swan, Executive Director, NJ Highlands Planning Commission
  • Monica Slater-Stokes, Continental Airlines
  • Robert Altenkirch, President of New Jersey Institute of Technology

Based on academic readings and the key learnings from the guest speakers, the class developed a composite description of the Effective Strategic Thinking Executive.

What's New About James Davy Working with Autism NJ on Developing a Blueprint for Lifespan Supprt Services:

James M. Davy Associates and Tony Silbert of Innovation Partners International are currently collaborating on a appreciative strategic planning project that involves 1000 appreciative inquiry interviews to inform the process. Jim and Tony are working with Autism New Jersey in developing a Blueprint for Lifespan Support Services for Families and Persons with Autism. Jim and Tony worked with a Core Planning Group to design and develop an Interview Protocol for use by the interviewers and on March 1st, they conducted an Interviewer Orientation session with Autism NJ and its 100 interviewers.

Pictures from Autism NJ's Core Planning Team Meetings:


Pictures from Autism NJ's Interviewer Orientation Session:

What's New About James Davy Designing and Facilitating with Tony Silbert Autism NJ's Blueprint Summit on June 20th:

On June 20th, Davy and Silbert co-facilitated a Blueprint Summit involving upwards of 250 stakeholders. The Summit engaged the voices of the autism community in New Jersey in the process of interpreting the interview data, identifying the core strengths and assets of the autism service delivery system and envisioning services and supports that support families and persons with autism over the lifespan.

Pictures of the Blueprint For Lifespan Support Services Summit held on June 20th:

Governor Corzine and his soon to be named Lt. Governor running mate Senator Loretta Weinberg stopped by the Autism NJ Blueprint Summit to support its effort. Also in the pircture are Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle and the Autism NJ Executive Team.


News Coverage of Autism NJ's Blueprint Summit:

News coverage by New Jersey Network can be found here.

And click here for a news story by Bruno Tedeschi for

What's New About Other James Davy Projects:

James Davy recently conducted an appreciative inquiry team-building retreat for the President of Atlantic Cape Community College and his executive team entitled Fostering a We-Centric Collaborative Team Environment to Achieve Enduring Greatness. See page nine of the college's newsletter.

The President of Atlantic Cape Community College then invited Davy back to conduct an appreciative inquiry orientation for the college's Board of Trustees. Working In collaboration with the professional development subcommittee of the Board, Davy exposed the full Board to the 4-I Planning Cycle with the affirmative topic being: Propelling the College to Significance and Greatness Through Positive and Proactive Advocacy.

In December 2009, James Davy is teaching and facilitating an Appreciative Inquiry and Organizational Effectiveness class for a global satellite communications company based in Princeton, NJ

What's New About James Davy Speaking Engagements:

James Davy is scheduled as a featured speaker and presenter as the Autism New Jersey conference in Atlantic City on October 10th. Davy will presenting two sessions: 1) Strategic Planning for Positive Organizational Change and 2) Positive And Effective Advocacy for Your Child.

Davy is also scheduled to speak at the New Jersey Association of Community Providers conference on November 20th in Atlantic City. Davy will be presenting two sessions: 1) Positive Communication for Cultural Awareness and 2) Inspiring Positive Organizational Change: Helping Employees Discover the Noble Purpose of their Work.